Valentine’s Day- Not just for Lovers Anymore

In the past Valentine’s Day was considered a couple’s celebration of romance.  Today it’s celebrated through gifting employees letting them know they’re appreciated or gifting clients acknowledging how special they are.

 I love my business because I know it gives happiness to others when they receive their gifts from their senders.  It engages people and keeps some top of mind.  Of course Valentine gifts are a lot of fun creating because it’s showing love, kindness and endearment between loved ones, especially the customized ones.

I even made a few sugar free valentine baskets.  Russell Stover has a nice variety of sugar free chocolates as well as chocolate bar.  There are a few sugar free candies available in local grocery stores.

Balloons are fun and bring smiles and when we add the heart shaped balloons with ‘I Love You’ it adds an extra touch to the gifts.

We are grateful for our customers and look forward to hearing how their Valentine’s Day was and how they touched someone else’s heart with their Valentine Gift Basket or gift.