Sugar Free, Gluten Free Equals Flavor Free?

In the past 7 years the requests for sugar free and gluten free baskets has been rising.  As I had a father that had high blood pressure and diabetes, I'm aware of the dangers in consuming sugar and salty foods.  I grew up being exposed to what foods turn to sugar and how to season food without salt.  So when someone asks me to customize a sugar free basket I know exactly what to place in it and still make it a delicious experience for the recipient.  

As for the gluten free baskets I had to do some research.  My first one customized was going to an individual that has Siliac Disease.  The only thing I knew at the time was that people with Siliac Disease couldn't eat bread.  But after my research I went to the store to purchase items I felt would be tasty and fun and of course gluten free.  I bought two of each so I could test the food and make sure it was worthy of being in my basket.  Conclusion:  I placed most of the items I had purchased and the recipient was thrilled to get a gift she could consume.  

Along with my strict requirements for quality goodies in my baskets, I want to ensure that everything that goes into my baskets have flavor.  

I don't carry too many snacks that are gluten free but will accommodate a customized order by purchasing additional items at an additional fee.   On the upside one won't need to do the running around to purchase the goodies that will be safe for the recipient.

Along with this I'm always tasting sugar free foods, candies, chocolates and gluten free foods so that I always have updated varieties to add to any specialized gift basket.

Recently I tried a few chocolates from Hoffman's Chocolates that are sugar free. All very tasty and although they're not as sweet as regular chocolates they do come close, I think I prefer them because of that.  I had one time accidentally picked up chocolate covered raisins from Hoffman's and only realized they were sugar free when I was halfway through the bag.  Yes, they were that good!!!

In the end, I just want my baskets to be well loved and remembered and what better way than having great taste and health in mind when thinking of Sugar Free and Gluten Free Gifts?