Moving, Changing, Improving

As if a little bit of new news isn't enough we have all sorts of good and new things going on this month!  Recently Barber's Gift Baskets moved from 12160 Ken Adams Way, Ste. 110-LL in Wellington to 12177 Ken Adams Way Ste. 153 in Wellington, which is actually the very next building.  

On top of our new location we now have an official WINE AND BEER LICENSE which allows us to offer wine specifically sold to restaurants, which have a high caliber on their wine lists.  Who knew one needs a license to place bottle of wine into a basket?  New wine gifts also available along with our already successful wine and cheese baskets.  On a sad note we cannot accommodate specific wine brands but rest assured the quality and style of our current wine is great and will continue to impress.

Every year we try to update and offer new designs and this summer we have added a few new baskets to our new Spa Line. Various scents and relaxing items are placed in these new and refreshing designs and hope you or someone you know will enjoy them.  Verbena, Coconut Lime Breeze, Vanilla Rose and Bamboo Sugar Cane are a few of our spa scents.