Keep On Smiling.....It Makes Others Wonder What You've Been Up To!!

Did you know that a smile has so many benefits and can make someone's day brighter?  Even if you're feeling a little blue, just by forcing a smile you'll get in a better mood.  So imagine what a smile to a friend or even a stranger can do? Just think about it....ever been out and about and someone smiled at you and suddenly you smiled back?  A smile doesn't have a language barrier, socio economic judgment, color or race distinction. 

Smiles use up less muscles than a frown, and releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which relaxes your body and can lower your heart rate and blood pressure.  This in turn will help with combatting stress.  Imagine, next time you're having a difficult day just remember to smile, even if you have to look in the mirror to practice.  You may even get a chuckle with how you look when forcing yourself to smile.  What helps to make it more genuine is to remember a fond moment or something that made you feel really good.

A smile is very important in business especially if you've never met the other individual.  Smiling will make the other person perceive you as friendly and trustworthy. 

I made it a point once to smile at everyone I had eye contact with throughout my day which included mainly strangers.  98% smiled back.  

So keep on'll make others wonder what you've been up to (chuckle), and will make you feel great and the good feeling will be passed onto others, and should you wish to 'send' a smile just contact us and we'll deliver a gift basket that will make your recipient warm and fuzzy bringing a smile to their face.