Is Your Follow Up Falling Through?

All Marketing Gurus tell us that we need to follow up in order to make sales happen.  Follow through to get that referral we are promised, follow through to remind the person we met at a social function who we are. With the many hats a small business owner wears that is the one area that many times our follow up falls through because simply we don't do it.  We leave it on the 'to do later' list and before we know it we've either misplaced the contact info or simply feel too much time has passed to reach out to our potential customer or potential sale.  A follow up can also be to a friend or family who was going through a rough spell and life got in our way and we now realize it's been a month since we reached out.

I'm guilty of this.  Lately have been making an effort to not have my follow ups falling through.  Even if it is two to three weeks later- even a month.  Guess what I've discovered?  People still respond to a friendly email or phone call.  I don't go into too much detail as to why it may be a long time for my reaching out but keep it short and simple and basically bring up the reason for my contacting them.  

In short the response has been positive and I feel good that I've accomplished a few more things on my 'to do' list.  I've been able to schedule meetings with my new contacts (potential partnerships in business), and potential sales to new clients by reminding them why they were needing my services.  

I imagine the follow through can be intimidating to those who don't like making phone calls but at the end of the day one must make them and push through the uncomfortable feeling.  Once the person at the other end responds in kind we are happy we managed to make the effort.