Mimosa's Anyone?

I love going to a get together with friends during brunch and having a few Mimosa's. But did you know these fun drinks are great also for wedding and baby showers? Recently I made a gift basket for an individual who couldn't make it to a baby shower and placed 4 bottles of champagne (which received 90 points from the Wine Enthusiast), 4 containers of orange juice (I used Florida's Natural as it has local Florida oranges and no additives etc.) and a few navel oranges with silk flowers for decorations. The Navel Oranges can be used for garnishing once the mimosas are made. This was a beautiful gift and helped out in the event's festivities. The sparkling wine used has a light body with more fruity than dry, with soft peach and nut flavors, and fragrance hinted by white pepper and floral tones of white lilies.