Delivering Emotions

I love what I do as I'm able to combine the passion of creating with the love of helping others and making people feel good.  So you can say with each order completed I deliver emotions.  

The person placing the order is given a few emotions one being relief- to have found a gift that is being delivered with their special message and happiness and warmth knowing the person receiving the basket will be happy.  

As to the recipient, my team and I deliver various emotions depending on what the situation may be.  A Birthday Gift Basket - happiness and love that someone remembered their special day; an Anniversary Gift - love at the thoughtfulness, Sympathy Basket - through the grief a certain warmth and happiness that someone cares enough to take a moment to send a comforting hug through the gourmet gift basket, a Thank You Basket to a client- appreciation at being thought of no matter how simple or elaborate the gift.  

Every so often I will receive a call from the recipient or the sender letting our team know the recipient loved the basket and that we had done a great job.  That in turn gives me a warm, happy and fuzzy feeling for it shows that my job was done correctly and I'm glad I was happy to have made someone feel special for that moment they receive their gift basket from us.