Best By or Use By?

Ever wonder how these two differ or matter with the food your consuming?  Being that my business daily handles food items I know how important it is to pay attention to these two terms.

Here are a few tips and info.  The 'Use By' date is about safety.  This means food should be consumed by this date or frozen but not after. This term is generally used with meat products or prepared salads, sandwiches and such.  The 'Best By' date is mainly about quality and not safety.  This signifies food can be consumed but it's texture, appearance or flavor may not be the same.  In most cases it will not cause any consumption issues.  This date works well if the foods have been stored correctly as indicated on labels.

Barber's Gift Baskets has all its consumables under A/C.  Any refrigerated items are placed in gift baskets jus prior to delivery to recipient and person is informed of refrigerated items so they don't leave the basket unopened thus having to throw out items that may have gone bad.  

So be aware of the 'Best By' and 'Use By' dates and this will make your purchasing and enjoyment of food items much more pleasurable.